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Salvation Airsoft Event

And so it continues... Annihilation: Salvation. Part 3 in the Annihilation series, bookings are now live for the event being held at Halloween 2024.

Winters is upon, the castle has been opened and secured, Infection was quickly found amongst them and the infected swiftly ejected, the Castle has little to no resources to survive the big freeze and many are still left out in the cooling air, going about their business blissfully unaware the big freeze is just hours away. The castle team now need to secure more people to help maintain the castle and supplies to keep them all warm and alive.  Others may have some of these items and be unbelievably valuable to the team and others are already becoming overcome by infection and desperate for help and salvation.  The castle team need to make incredibly wise decisions, who has the recourse they need, keep infection out, and who will make a valuable member of the team?

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Gold Rush Airsoft Event Title
Gold Rush Airsoft Event

New To YTA this year!


Bringing you a new kind of special event, Gold Rush: The Good, The Bad, and The Money. A wild west themed Airsoft Event Day.


With it being the Wild West theme, we are ruling that the only RIF's allowed to be used are as follows;


Pump action shot guns.

Bolt action rifles. (Without the scope).

Period correct revolvers and Winchester style weapons.

In the sun-scorched town of Dusty Kingdom, where tumbleweeds outnumber the honest folk, trouble brews like moonshine in a hidden distillery. The year is 1878, and the town of Dusty Kingdom is riddled with bandits and thieves trying to get their hands on the goods that come from the honest people of this good village. The town is well known for its production of Moonshine and gold claims, bringing in lots of folks trying to make an honest living, but also, the bandits. The Sheriff, Jed Carlson, a grizzled lawman with a murky past stands watch over Dusty Kingdom, overseeing the banks, gold transportation, and moonshine distillation, alongside keeping a watchful eye on the people of Dusty Kingdom. The crime rate in the village is steadily increasing, with more and more attempts to hold up the bank, stealing the gold stash, but also cutting off the transportation wagon carrying to gold before it even gets to the bank. The moonshine distillery has started being targeted by a group of bandits so the Sheriff is trying to be seen doing everything he can to stop this. But with the trouble being caused, who’s going to come out on top? Is the town of Dusty Kingdom going to prevail and put a stop to the bandits, locking them away? Or will the bandits themselves take over the town for good…

More Info To Come...

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If you love YTA and think you’ve got some skills on the field then our membership is for you! 

Joining YTA will mean exclusive access to events, offers and formats that you won’t see as a standard walk-on player at all our locations.

As well as saving £10 per game all YTA members also have access to our portal which gives you all the latest news and offers so you will be able to track your games and book events. Member status also gives you the ability to earn your UKARA licence to purchase replica.  Once completed a member of our team will ensure your member ship is good to go for your next visit! 

YTA Adult Membership

YTA Adult Membership

£50.00 Per Year

  • Included is one free game day.

  • Priority access to all of our sites.

  • Exclusive offers and deals throughout the year with YTA and ASPUK.

  • You will receive £10 discount on every game you attend and the game day.

YTA Family Membership

YTA Family Membership

£100.00 Per Year

  • Includes one Adult (18 plus) and 2 youth memberships (12-17-year-olds)

  • 1 x free adult game day.

  • 2 x 50% discounted youth game days.

  • Priority access to all of our sites.

  • Exclusive offers and deals throughout the year with YTA and ASPUK.

  • You will receive £10 discount on every game you attend and the game day.

YTA Youth Membership

YTA Youth Membership

£30.00 Per Year

  • Available to anyone 12-17 years of age.

  • You get one game day with a 50% discount.

  • priority access to all of our sites.

  • Access to exclusive offers and deals throughout the year with YTA and ASPUK.

  • You will receive £10 discount on every game you attend and the game day.

All memberships include:

Access to our members-only facebook room, granting you full access to early news, tech help. tips and tricks from other members.

Purchased memberships will last for one year and includes free UKARA registration. Your membership number will be the same as your UKARA number (over 18s only). This is subject to qualification (playing 3 games with us in no less than 56 days).

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