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YTA Paintball

Why Paintball?

Paintball is an adventure sport, originating in America, that is vastly gaining in popularity year-on-year.  In recent times it has been considered to be one of the fastest-growing sports in the UK with over 1,000,000 new paintball players taking up a rifle and face mask each and every year.

Paintball is a game based on strategy that uses gas-propelled markers which fire small gelatine-skinned paint pellets at the opposition. Due to the jagged nature of paintball, there are a number of safety guidelines upheld to ensure the safety and comfort of all paintball players, including a full face protective mask and goggles and full length combat suits with padded collars. Other paintball protective equipment is also available at YTA, including body armour and armoured gloves, although these are not compulsory.


So why should you book with us? Here are 10 great reasons why!


  1. We personalize every paintball package to the customer.

  2. Got a birthday coming up? Food options available.

  3. Private paintball bookings are available, tailor-made to your group.

  4. We only use the very best paintball equipment to ensure reliability, precision, and most importantly a great time.

  5. Low prices and discounts available for larger paintball groups

  6. No hard sell  – we will always recommend the best paintball package that suits you and not our pocket!

  7. ALL of our paintball sites are run by passionate YTA friends and family members

  8. We have clever and intricately designed paintball game areas and games plans to keep you fully immersed

  9. We have a fully stocked café to cater to everyone, as well as seating areas and an undercover area to keep you out of the rain.

  10. Booking paintball events directly allows us to keep our prices at the best rate around!

Paintballer with upgrade gun
Paintballing group

Paintball Pricing

Paintball Gear



Site Entry

Gun, Mask & Overalls


Just add paintballs

Paintball Gear



Site Entry

Gun, Mask & Overalls

200 Paintballs




Site Entry

Gun, Mask & Overalls

500 Paintballs


Paintball Gear



Site Entry

Gun, Mask & Overalls

1000 Paintballs

Upgrade Marker


Average Paintball Usage

The amount of paint you use depends on how much you enjoy firing that paintball gun! A typical paintball user will normally use 400 paintballs on a half-day session and 700 on a full-day session.

Extra Paintballs are priced as follows:

100 paintballs £10.00
500 Paintballs £45.00 (£5.00 Saving)
1000 paintballs £80.00 (£20.0
0 Saving)


Safety Is Our No.1 Priority

Paintball Mask

Here At YTA Safety comes first:

– All our hire packages receive full face protective masks.

– All weapons are checked after each game to ensure there are no live rounds in the chamber.

– All of our paintball guns are stored away upon entry outside of the safe zone.

– All weapons are subject to a Chronograph check to ensure they are within our limits (without exception).  

– There is a mandatory on site safety brief before each day’s gaming, so everybody is informed on the YTA safety regulations.

– YTA is fully insured with First Aid trained on site.



09:00- Arrival.

09:00 til 10:00- Check-in, issue of safety gear, YTA Safety Brief, Gun Issue.

10:00 til 12:00Let’s Play (5 games)



12:30 til 13:30- Check-in, issue of safety gear, YTA Safety Brief, Gun Issue.

13:30 til 15:30- Let’s Play (5 games)

Regular Skirmish days

– The action begins early at YTA, with our first game beginning at 10am. 

– We aim to play 5 games before we break for Lunch (lunch time food, snacks and refreshments are available at all our sites)

– Itchy trigger finger during lunch time? We have your back! At most of our game days we have a small fun, interactive lunch competition.

– Let’s get back to some action! The afternoon will host another 5 action packed games.  

Private Days, Corporate, Birthdays & Parties 

– For our private days, corporate events, birthdays and parties, we have full hire packages available which include the rifle, full safety equipment and enough ammunition to see you through the day!

– We cater for parties up to 30 people, as young as 12 years old and up to… Well 76 is the oldest guest we have had so far, there is no age limit for fun!

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