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YTA Borderlands



Mortimer Rd, Sheffield S6 6JE

The huge castle at our Sheffield site used in our Airsoft, Paintball and Lasertag games

The Borderlands is our flagship site, with the most impressive terrain you will ever lay your eyes upon! The site features a safe zone that will hold up to 120 people undercover, and another 100 people outside if needed, for the ultimate battle experience. We also have a customer charge station, a fully equipped cafe, and an airsoft shop, as well as all of our seating areas, being fully lit for those dark winter mornings.

The Game zones at our paintball Sheffield venue include Castles to storm, a zombie-style church to overrun, tanks to defend, villages to raid, the wild west for head-to-head shootouts, and much more.

Game types here include: Airsoft, Laser Tag, Mini Tag, Paintball


Cash or Card
On-Site Cafe
Free Air Refills
Free Parking

Card or cash

on site 


Free air

Free parking

Play The Field!


Deep in the heart of France, the Germans have taken control of our village, Battle your way past the tanks to regain control of the building. This game zone makes you take a step back in time and experience what the feeling of front line war may have been like, the World War II field is packed full of places to take cover such as the multi-story buildings, off-roading vehicles, and war tanks to create an unforgettable experience.


Enter at your own risk! This spine-chilling graveyard filled with messages left by the dead is enough to scare anyone! Our sinister church offers a uniquely horrifying experience you won’t find elsewhere. Be warned, there’s no time to take a pew, get the skull back where it belongs to stop the dead rising!


Sling your way through the wild west. Rangers mount out and stop the outlaws robbing the old bank vault and exchange the loot for cold hard liquor at the saloon! Get your cowboy boots on, it’s time for a close and personal head-to-head shoot-out, wild west style.


A fortress not to be rivaled! The flag tower, drawbridge, and multi-level stories make our castle one of a kind, complete with its own battering ram to help the invaders sedge the castle and take control by flying the flag, the King’s Landing is a labyrinth of hiding spots, ready to jump out and take down snipers! 

What You Say About Us…

Had an awesome time even though I started out nervous. The staff running the Sheffield site were really helpful and had a good sense of humour whilst ensuring the highest level of safety was adhered too. You don't need the highest fitness as the games can be taken at each persons own pace. Highly recommend boots with ankle support and clothing to cover skin. Looking forward to my next day Airsofting.

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