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Annihilation, Airsoft Special Event

It's HERE!! The next instalment of Annihilation! Following on from Annihilation: A New Hope, we bring you Annihilation: Salvation.


Winters is upon, the castle has been opened and secured, Infection was quickly found amongst them and the infected swiftly ejected, the Castle has little to no resources to survive the big freeze and many are still left out in the cooling air, going about their business blissfully unaware the big freeze is just hours away. The castle team now need to secure more people to help maintain the castle and supplies to keep them all warm and alive.  Others may have some of these items and be unbelievably valuable to the team and others are already becoming overcome by infection and desperate for help and salvation.  The castle team need to make incredibly wise decisions, who has the recourse they need, keep infection out, and who will make a valuable member of the team? 

Annihilation: Salvation (Chapter 3)

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