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YTA Rewards

We know times are tough, everything is becoming more and more expensive every time we breathe. But here at YTA, we want to give back to our loyal YTA family members. This is why we have introduced the YTA Rewards Scheme. Every time you book a session with us you will earn reward points to spend on game days, BB's or paintballs.

We have a great range of activities you can participate in to earn points and we even more to come! We can't wait to be able to share with you what we have in store for the future.

Experience an adrenaline-fueled day Paintballing with us at YTA, we have 3 sites which we offer paintball on, Sheffield Borderlands, Wakefield Kingdom, and Brighouse Ridge. Each with its very own unique points of interest and game zones for you to immerse yourself in one of our game days. With state-of-the-art paintball markers and upgrades that will give you that competitive edge, you'll be sure to have a blast of a day.

Or join us for a full day of airsoft every Sunday, at our Sheffield, Wakefield, and Doncaster sites (Game days alternate between sites every weekend). Whether you have your own kit or you need to hire some, we have a great day in store for you. Whether you're a sniper hiding in the bushes or you've got that run-and-gun mentality, all of our game zones will be a perfect suit for your style of play. We also have a huge range of game modes we play, from attack and defend and capture the flag to escort the payload and VIP.

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