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Why YTA Chrono on 0.2G BB's

So why do YTA choose the age-old system of chronoing your airsoft equipment on a 0.2 gram BB? If you would like to know, all will be revealed in this blog.

So I am guessing you are all a member of many airsoft groups on social media and read all the forums and see many posts regarding players, influencers, and business opinions on how RIFs should be chronographed. So why exactly do YTA choose to use what seems a very old and out dated system?  You may have all seen articles like,  sites should be using a joules when chronoing or you should chrono on the weight your using on the day to prevent joule creep and cheating etc and to a certain extent this is true however, you may be reading this being the most upstanding airsofter the UK has ever seen and would never cheat the chrono or take more hit than there are minutes in the day but I assure you, not everyone is that honest!! 

The FPS own weight method…. 

So this is where you fill your magazine with say 0.20 gram bbs (your chosen weight for the day and you go to chrono,  you tell the marshal and he says okay, two fives you say?  No problem.  You shoot through the chrono and it’s a pass you have just shot 340fps and great you just pass with the limit being 350fps.  Now its Jim Bobs turn and he’s not as honest as you are, infact he is so competitive he wants to win at all costs!  He fills his mag with 0.4 gram bbs and his RIF is shooting the equivalent to 450 FPS! He repeats the exact same process as you have, goes to chrono and tells the marshal he has 0.2 gram bbs in his mag and great another pass at 318.20FPS!!  do you really want to be playing the field with that guy?  He has not only broken UK regulations but is also about to hurt someone!

So the FPS own weight method clearly does not work. How about the newer Joule method?  After all this is what Is required by law when owning a RIF. 

When chronoing on your own weight bb’s to test the joules it simply creates the same scenario as above, we are solely reliant as a company on the honesty of the player telling us what weight they are using and not what is actually happening!  Our old friend Jim Bob is back with his sniper rifle this time and a big bag of 0.48 gram bbs, shooting at 340fps, 2.5 joules!  Not a problem for Jim Bob as he will just tell the marshal they a 0.4s and he just knows he’s going to pass.  What happens you say?  The chrono is programmed to 0.4 gram bbs and the RIF passes firing at 340FPS and 2.3 joules or so both the marshal and Chrono believes!

So here at YTA with your safety in mind it’s a NO for the FPS method and the joule method clearly has the same floors! We also have an obligation to fulfil with our insurers this states that all fully automatic RIFs must shoot a maximum of 350FPS on a 0.2 gram bb likewise with DMRs and snipers that they all for within limits using a 0.2 gram bb.  With all of the above in mind we devised what we believe to be not a full proof system but the best system to ensure everyone is playing fair and safe on the battlefield. Our system is detailed below in a handy chart for you.

Firstly we ensure you are passing the chrono on our own 0.2g bbs, by using our own we can ensure that is completed fairly and correctly with zero room for discrepancy. This is checked against the chart below.

So what about joule creep I hear you all scream whilst reading this blog.  We have devised a secondary system after multiple tests and many different RIFs, this is a backup system to the one above.

Weapons that will need to be retested for Joules on the uses own weight of bb (the weight they will be using in game).

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