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YTA Presents Annihilation

Here at YTA we've decided to introduce a new kind of event to our airsoft days. Annihilation, the first roleplaying immersive event we've ever hosted.

Set in a dystopian future, the year is 24 AD (After Detonation), the world has turned into dismay, and human life as we knew it has completely changed. The world had gone from paradise to a dystopia. The streets are now barren, and areas are controlled by bandits. The wasteland is home to wild animals living off what they can find, and you. You and your team are left to fend for yourself, scrounging to survive and ensure the safety to one another, but you survived the blast, that must mean there are other survivors, right?

Some 24 years ago, the Russians dropped the most devastating nuke (opustoshitel' - Desolation) on Europe and it wiped out civilization, or so they thought. The Russians were planning world domination, not stopping to think that once achieved, they would be ruling rubble and dirt. In the wasteland left from the devastation, groups were forming, to rebuild and to bear arms against the Russians if they were to ever invade, but it’s never quite that simple when all organization and legislation have disappeared into thin air. Groups of bandits and mercenaries were taking control of what was left, pillaging everything that they found, and murdering people who wouldn’t cooperate. There’s more than just one enemy, some of them are right around the next corner you come across.

The day has come, with the whole safe haven gathered around the small radio one of the members has managed to salvage, nuclear warning sirens were blaring, and another attack was incoming. The radio presenter announced that the Russians had launched (unichtozheniye - Annihilation) an even bigger bomb than its predecessor. Your job is to loot, shoot, barter, and survive. Find out how to survive the next nuclear attack and ensure the safety of you and your squad in the nuclear bunker, BUT be aware, can you trust anyone?...

We wanted to bring a new breed of airsoft events to our sites. Growing insanely fast across the pond, the Roleplay-based Airsoft days are a huge hit, giving players a different kind of experience to what Airsoft can be. With a variety of different storylines which can be incorporated, players are encouraged to play the day, interact with others and experience the area without pulling the trigger at every person they see.

The full video is now live and you can watch it here.

You can find videos relating to this event on our YouTube channel;

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