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Beginners guide to Airsoft

Airsoft is becoming increasingly popular, and we are seeing an increase in the volume of newcomers to the game every year. There are some questions that are asked regularly, and we thought it was time we created this beginner's guide to Airsoft. Below are a series of frequently asked questions and some insider tips to help you.

So, what is airsoft?

Airsoft is a team game where players compete in teams against each other to be the quickest to obtain objectives. We use in essence BB guns, which the people in the know are more commonly known as RIFs (Realistic Imitation firearms) or Airsoft replicas. These replicas can shoot very accurately up to around 80m in distance. All games are based are military simulation and most mimic video game-style games such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, and domination.

Do I need a team if I want to start playing?

Certainly not, we find lots of people asking this question or even wanting to try airsoft, but their friends are not like-minded. Most players come along and start playing airsoft by themselves and soon make more friends than they could possibly imagine. You will find yourself in chat groups with your new friends and like-minded people in no time at all, in these groups’ players share hints and tips with each other and lots of do’s and don’ts when it comes to what kit to buy, etc.

What kit do I need to buy before attending for the first time?

Absolutely nothing, in fact, it is advised that for the first few times, you book one of our rental packages which offers everything you need to come along and have a game! this helps with several things,

1- If you rent our equipment, it saves you from making big purchases for a hobby that you may find that you do not want to pursue. Our Airsoft rental packages start from £40 this includes all the kit you need and entry to one of our activity centers for the full day!! Yep, £40 for a full day of entertainment.

2- After renting our equipment a few times you will have gained a good understanding of what roll you want to play, Sniper, Full auto assault rifle, or maybe you prefer the Designated marksman roll? whilst playing you will get to chat with many other players and members of our team who will help you make the right purchase the first time.

Okay I love it and this is my new hobby, so what's next?

Here at YTA we offer a wide range of membership options.

1- Adult membership includes one year's membership to all our player sites and reduces your entry fee to just £20 per day. We also offer new members a free game day with their new membership and free registration to the UKARA database.

2- Family membership, which offers all the above but also includes two youth memberships aswell, and they will receive 50% of their first game as well!

3- Finally, we offer youth membership for our young budding players, this is for those under 18’s and also includes a half-price game day.

What is UKARA?

UKARA is a national database created to simplify the way we buy RIFs. The government has classified Airsoft replicas as RIFs, and for that reason you must have a valid reason to own one, being a member of an Airsoft organization like ourselves is exactly that. Once you have your membership, we will automatically register you with UKARA to enable you to buy your first RIF (and probably many others in the future.)

Is it safe?

Yes, it is, we wear protective goggles or glasses and face masks to protect our eyes and teeth and that’s all you need. Airsoft is very safe and here at YTA we pride ourselves on our impeccable safety record, just ask our players. All our marshals are employed and trained in all aspects of participant safety. One recommendation we do make to all players is to purchase a pair of boots with good strong ankle support and trainers are not recommended, Oh and unfortunately Crocs and sandals are not allowed!! (trust me we have had players make these requests!)

So, what are you waiting for? With over 70,000 registered players in the country, why not join us and make airsoft and YTA your next regular weekend activity?

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