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Annihilation: A New Hope

Annihilation: A New Hope Chapter 2.


An unnerving silence swallowed the wasteland. The 18 survivors, locked away in their bunkers for the last 25 years have ran out of supplies and fuel to keep their bunkers running, that means one thing…taking their first steps out into the unknown. A frozen-over world is before them, the world has changed as they knew it.

They must now rebuild, gather supplies, and explore what’s out there.

General Dax, as he is now known to his comrades, leads the search party for supplies and resources to ensure survival. Previously they had enemies in the Fireflies, FEDRA and Disruptors, but now their biggest enemy… The cold temperatures.


Organise your teams, decide between yourself and provide your teams name when booking. Group Sizes 1-6 players per team.

Annihilation: A New Hope

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