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Who are YTA?

With locations spanning over South and West Yorkshire, we are the #1 for airsoft, paintball, and laser tag.

Starting back in 2013, Paul saw a distinct lack of budget Airsoft products in the UK and discovered it was extremely easy to import products from Eastern Europe for extremely low prices. He was importing things like good quality M4 HiCap Mags for little over £1.50.

From there, it grew, bigger and bigger, acquiring ASPUK in April 2015 and the first-ever retail store was opened. In 2016 Sniper One was created, which manufactured high-quality Airsoft products.

In 2017, Paul got the opportunity to buy Yorkshire Tactical Airsoft including 2 sites, later to be renamed The Pines & The Pit. In 2018, a third site was opened, to be named YTA The Manor and by July 2018, a fourth site was opened named YTA The Kingdom.

January 2019 came around and a new year meant new things. Paul opened Wakefield Paintball and Laser Tag. This began to grow quickly and soon, he was on the hunt for another exclusive activity centre.

The next year, in January 2020, the year the world stood still. Halting Paul's big plans, but the cogs never stopped turning. By March 2020 came the perfect 5th site, YTA Borderlands. Thankfully, by July 2020, we were all free again, and YTA Borderlands was open for business.

In 2021 he decided to incorporate the businesses into one and Yorkshire Tactical Activities was born as the umbrella company to them all. He then concentrated on growth, adding more activities, and improving facilities at our main sites.

In September 2021, Power Play Paintball decided to sell the business and Paul took the opportunity to buy more Paintball and Laser Tag equipment along with another site in Brighouse fondly named The Ridge.

January 2022 and the shop/warehouse we worked out of for the last 7 years was bursting at the seams, This is our most recent move, and we are now settled at our 3000 square foot facility in the S26 area of Sheffield.

Paul's journey has not stopped there, he is always on the hunt to try and be the best, and with a new year, come new things. Keep an eye out for what avenues YTA go down next.

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